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Dec 2, 2015

Amy Cueva (@AmyCueva) believes that design can improve the human condition. It was with that mission and vision that she co-founded Mad*Pow in 2000 and has built an award-winning design and digital agency which serves industries from health to financial services and beyond.
But quite apart from having spend the last 15 years building her company Mad*Pow, Amy lives in a wide variety of different spheres, including sidelining as a belly dance performer and constantly exploring new avenues to positively impact human health.
Amy plays an essential role in Mad*Pow’s visualization of a changed healthcare system in the United States. Her work with large healthcare companies has helped to improve customer experience, leverage design to drive change, and facilitate human-centric innovation. As the chief instigator behind an annual health and design conference HX Refactored - where I have been a speaker - Amy has successfully connected and networked disparate parts of a challenging and siloed system.
I am consistently impressed with Amy’s willingness to share her own vulnerabilities, and enthusiasm for helping her clients - and her friends - to change. I hope you enjoy this interview with designer Amy Cueva.