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Jul 25, 2019

Recently while in NYC, I led a strategy workshop for an exclusive group of CEOs and founders who are building companies designed to thrive in the modern world.

Here, we discuss how to have more authenticity in our sales. Respecting others' time and double checking that they are still available and willing to speak gives you initial buy in to the conversation.

You are much more likely to have a connection that will result in the long-term outcome you desire if you put the other person's needs at the forefront. Focus on how you would like to show up for the conversation, because you are more likely to be successful if you sell lovingly than if you sell aggressively. Being present and considerate will amplify what you already do and who you really are.


Robin Peter Zander is a best-selling author, strategist, and performance coach. With a diverse background ranging from management consulting to the circus, he has spent his life working with individuals and organizations to maximize potential.

Robin partners with leaders to solve their most difficult problems. He is the founder of Zander Media, an agency which works with individuals and teams to improve performance.

He is the founder of the Responsive Conference, which convenes annually to explore the future of work. In addition, Robin is the author of the new book “Responsive: What It Takes To Create A Thriving Organization.”

Through his podcast, The Robin Zander Show, he interviews exceptional performers from areas as diverse as the arts, technology, and healthcare to understand how individuals and organizations can accelerate performance.

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