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Nov 5, 2015

Joise Garthwaite (@journojos) lives simultaneously in two very different professions: she is a professional dancer with the ODC Dance company and a Stanford-trained reporter. In this interview we explore how Josie continues to refine both of her crafts, and how they complement each other.

Among other feats, Josie has built a successful company, Climate Confidential. She has a long track record of bringing extremely complex scientific topics to a lay audience. Simultaneously, her everyday work as a dancer involves the practice of creativity and innovation, which she has managed to transfer across her careers.

Josie isn’t afraid to ask hard questions - of her interviewees, of herself, and of me. We explore the systematic process of inquiry by which she has learned to transfer skills across seemingly unrelated disciplines. I hope you enjoy this interview with Josie Garthwaite.