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Feb 8, 2016

Adam Rosendahl (@Adam_Rosendahl) is the founder of the global creative events company Late Nite Art. Adam and I reconnected at last year’s Design for Dance conference, but as it turns out also went the middle school and played soccer together as kids. In the decades since Adam has been a high school teacher, volunteered with a homeless shelter, and led Outward Bound trips which are leadership with at risk youth in the Mississippi bayou.

Along the way, Adam began leading creative, collaborative pop-up events, and now runs the company Late Nite Art, which creates creative, collaborative, stylish and also playful events for corporate audiences. Adam details what Late Nite Art is and how it works early on in the interview.

Adam is very good at bringing people past their comfort zones. In the interview he outlines his tactics for putting on events that do just that, and shares how anyone throw a party that includes the same.

Finally, at the very end of our talk, Adam turns the table and asks me “Why the podcast?” Please enjoy this interview with Adam Rosendahl and me, your host, Robin Zander.